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The Philippines' Portal on Industrial Ecology

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The Green List : List of Projects Covered by the EIS System

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A. Environmentally Critical Projects (ECP)

Heavy Industries
1. Non-ferrous metal industries

2. Iron and steel mills
3. Petroleum and petro-chemical industries, including oil and gas
4. Smelting plants

Resource Extractive Industries

1. Major mining and quarrying industries
2. Forestry projects

a. Logging
b. Major wood processing projects
c. Introduction of fauna (exotic animals) in public/private forests
d. Forest occupancy
e. Extraction of mangrove products
f. Grazing

3. Fishery projects

a. Dikes for/and fishpond development projects

Infrastructure projects

1. Major dams
2. Major power plants (fossil-fueled, nuclear-fueled, hydro-electric, or geothermal)
3. Major reclamation projects
4. Major roads and bridges

Golf course projects

B. Projects located in Environmentally Critical Areas (ECAs)

All areas declared by law as national parks, watershed reserves, wildlife preserves, and sanctuaries;

Areas set aside as aesthetic potential tourist spots;

Areas which constitute the habitat for any endangered or threatened species of indigenous Philippine wildlife (flora and fauna)

Areas of unique historic, archeological or scientific interest

Areas which are traditionally occupied by cultural communities or tribes (indigenous cultural communities)

Areas frequently visited and/or hard-hit by natural calamities (geologic hazards, floods, typhoons, volcanic activity, etc.)

Areas with critical slopes

Areas classified as prime agricultural lands

Recharged areas of aquifers

Water bodies characterized by one or any combination of the following conditions:

1. tapped for domestic purposes

2. within the controlled and/or protected areas declared by appropriate authorities

3. which support wildlife and fishery activities

Mangrove areas characterized by one or any combination of the following conditions:

1. with primary pristine and dense young growth

2. adjoining mouth of major river systems

3. near or adjacent to traditional productive fry or fishing grounds

4. which act as natural buffers against shore erosion, strong winds and storm floods

5. on which people are dependent for their livelihood

Coral reefs characterized by one or any combination of the following conditions:

1. with fifty percent (50%) and above live corraline cover

2. spawning and nursery grounds for fish

3. which act as natural breakwater of coastlines

The Green List

Business Registration Requirements

Requirements from Other Govt Agencies

Laguna Lake Development Authority Requirements

Environmental Clearance Certificate Requirements

List of Projects Covered by the EIS System

List of Projects Not Covered by the EIS System

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