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Lima IE Locators Start Joint Recycling Venture
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 5/2/2000

Companies located at the Lima Technology Center, an industrial estate in Malvar-Lipa, Batangas, have formed a by-product exchange program to recycle used oil and packaging materials such as paper, plastics, cartons for re-use.

The by-product exchange program prompted the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to include the locators of Lima Technology in an environmental pioneering project called the Private Sector Participation in Managing the Environment (PRIME)

Under the model exchange program at Lima Technology, the locators have designed work processes that would minimize wastes and facilities for handling, storage and recycling of wastes into new value-added products. For instance, the styrofoam packaging materials used for Epson Precision Philippines, Inc's raw materials are crushed into fiberglass-type blocks. These blocks are re-exported for use abroad as materials in the manufacturing pf plastic products such as toys.

Epson's plant, which employs some 3,000 Filipino workers to manufacture about 500,000 printers a month for export, invested in modern machinery to process the used styrofoam.

The company also recycles used ink into toilet deodorizers and converts paper used for testing the printers into stationeries and envelopes.

Under the PRIME project of UNDP and DTI, a group was formed to analyze the opportunities arising from recycling and the technology that can be used in recycling.

The group plans to create an intra-estate and inter-estate matching process where resident companies are matched with customer-industries that could use the recycled products as raw materials.

The effort also involves the orientation and training of workers on waste minimization; provision for separation of by-product materials to maintain reuse value; accrediataion; provision of incentives for haulers; and environmental awareness among industries.

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