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Integrated Resource Recovery System

An Integrated Resource Recovery System (IRRS) is a holistic approach in managing the discards of waste generators. It is more than waste management. It unifies the practices of treatment, recycling, and disposal, and elevates it by converting once discarded materials, goods and energy into useful and saleable materials and products. Moreover, this concept also introduces new opportunities in entrepreneurship as it opens doors for service industries to flourish.

The IRRS involves a considerable amount of research. It involves assessing present practices in order to determine how these practices may be improved or added upon.

The Industrial Ecology Module of the Prime Project is working towards the implementation of an IRRS in the Philippines. This will attempt to address the problematic waste management system in the Philippines. The project shall primarily involve a study to establish the feasibility of the facility. The study shall consider the components of the physical site as well as action programs to be implemented.


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