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The Philippines' Portal on Industrial Ecology

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The Green List : Laguna Lake Development Authority Requirements

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2nd Flr. Rizal Provincial SPorts Club Bldg.
Capitol Compound, Shaw Blvd, Pasig City
Tel 637-9052/637-9054

Clearance Application

1. Application Form No. PCSI. (Application for Clearance for Development Project/Program/Plant)

2. Locational Clearance - HLURB/Metro Manila Authority/Municipal Zoning Administration

3. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) - Environmental Management Bureau

4. Articles of Incorporation (for Corporation) - SEC Certificate of Business Registration (for Single Proprietorship) - Dept. of Trade & Industry

5. For Industrial Establishment - Notarized Certification of Capital Investment/Total Project Cost

6. Water Permit - NWRB

7. Plans signed by Civil/Sanitary Engineer/countersigned by CEO (Preferred size: 50 cm x 90 cm)

• Site development and vicinity plan(s)
• Drainage/sewer plan
• Plant Layout (if applicable)

8. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Project Description/Engineers Report

9. Liaison Officers must have an authorization letter from the CEO to file and follow up papers

10. Construction timetable or certificate of project completion (for existing projects)

11. Fees (Refer B.R. # 7 s. 1993, B.R # 64 s. 1997 and B.R. # 42 s. 1997)

Application for Authority to Construct ESI

1. Engineer's Report (to be prepared by the Pollution Control Officer) or Professional Registered Mechanical Engineer (PME/RME) or Chemical Engineer (CHE) depending on the nature of the Emission Source Installation (ESI) covered in the application.

2. Vicinity map, plant and machinery layout, plans and elevation drawings with complete specifications of the ESI/APCF 950 cm x 90 cm) signed and sealed by PMF/RME/CHE and countersigned by the owner.

3. Liaison Officers must have an authorization letter from the CEO to file and follow-up papers

4 Construction installation schedule of APSE/APCF.

5. Locational Clearance - HLURB/Metro Manila Authority/Municipal Zoning Administration

Permit to Operate (all documents including application forms must be submitted in triplicate)

For New Application

1. Copy of the Authority to Construct
2. Approved set of plans, and engineer's report
3. Certificate of Completion of each ESI
4. Accreditation/Appointment of Pollution Control Officer (PCO)

For renewal application

1. Copy of latest "Permit to operate ESI" issued.
2. Emission source sampling

Discharge Permit

1. Completed Application Form with CEO & PCO Signature
2. Pollution Control Officer Accreditation
3. Authorization letter of Liaison Officer
4. Duplicate Application forms and Documents

For New Applicants:

6. LLDA Clearance
7. Engineer's Report
8. Plans: Site Development, Vicinity Plan (A4 size), Plant Layout, Drainage /Sewer Plans (50 cm x 90 cm size)

For Old Applicants:

9. Latest Permit to Operate
10. Latest Authority to Construct

The Green List

Business Registration Requirements

Requirements from Other Govt Agencies

Laguna Lake Development Authority Requirements

Environmental Clearance Certificate Requirements

List of Projects Covered by the EIS System

List of Projects Not Covered by the EIS System

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2000 Prime Project M2:IE