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The Philippines' Portal on Industrial Ecology

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The Green List : List of Projects Not Covered by the EIS System

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Projects (Examples)

butterfly farming covering an area of not more than one thousand (1,000) square meters;

rice or corn mills not exceeding 1.0 ton/hour input capacity;

flowers/ornamentals production and sale, including landscaping;

backyard animal farms not exceeding 5,000 heads of birds, or 2 sows with 20 pigs;

individual residential houses or commercial buildings/structures;

sari-sari stores;

garment manufacturing (without dyeing, and only involving spinning, cutting and sewing);

organic compost/fertilizer making not exceeding 10,000 bags (50 Kg)/annum in capacity;

pedestrian overpass

cottage industry (e.g., stuffed toys, handicrafts, giftwares); and

importation or purchase of equipment (e.g., tractors, haulers, sprayers, dryers, shellers, fishing gear and equipment, vessels, vehicles, planes). However, the operation of such equipment shall be subject to applicable permit or licensing requirements.

• All other projects, including those operating prior to 1982 or registered as Kalakalan 20


Not in an Environmentally Critical Area


Use of appropriate technology that will not require the use of toxic and hazardous chemicals

Waste materials do not pose serious health hazards

Waste will not generate significant amount of organic and solid waste


Maximum of 20 employees

Requirements to be Secured for Non-Covered Projects:

The proponent goes to the EMB office or appropriate DENR Regional Office and fills out ENFORM 1 with the following documentation requirements:

a detailed location map of the project site showing the relevant features of the site (e.g. slope, topography, boundaries, vicinity) on a scale of 1:50,000;

a brief project description which provides information on the raw materials to be used, a description of the process or manufacturing technology, project capacity, type and volume of products and discharges, capitalization, project area, manpower requirement, among others; and

if appropriate, a certification from the CENRO that the project is not located in an ECA.

In cases when the project is evaluated by the EMB or EMPAS and the Certificate of Non-Coverage be insufficient, the proponent will be required to submit an Environmental Management Plan to DENR-RO.

The Green List

Business Registration Requirements

Requirements from Other Govt Agencies

Laguna Lake Development Authority Requirements

Environmental Clearance Certificate Requirements

List of Projects Covered by the EIS System

List of Projects Not Covered by the EIS System

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