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The Philippines' Portal on Industrial Ecology

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The Green List : Requirements from Other Govt Offices : Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

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Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
Bldg 225 Dewey Avenue, Olongapo City
Tel# (047)252-4634 to 36

Requirements for evaluating business proposal

  1. Letter of Intent/Full Business Proposal

  2. Specific Nature of the Proposed Business (Scope of Operation)

  3. Total Amount of Investment (In US$)

  4. Audited Financial Statement for the Last Three Years of Operation

  5. Employment generation for the first three years of operation

  6. Letter of references, brochures and other company background information or list of customers or suppliers with contract information

  7. Financial Projections for the First Five Years of Operation

  8. SEC Certificate of Registration

  9. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

  10. Bank Certification of Deposits and Credit Standing

Environmental Requirements

  1. Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC)

  2. Designated Pollution Control Officer/Environmental Management Officer (PCO/EMO) for the business enterprise
The Green List

Business Registration Requirements

Requirements from Other Govt Agencies

Laguna Lake Development Authority Requirements

Environmental Clearance Certificate Requirements

List of Projects Covered by the EIS System

List of Projects Not Covered by the EIS System

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2000 Prime Project M2:IE