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Greening the BOI Procedures † ††

An agreement forged by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) that started in 1997 is currently being implemented by the Board of Investments-DTI, with the cooperation of Environmental Management Bureau-DENR. This agreement, nicknamed "Greening the BOI Procedures" simplifies procedures when applying for an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), a requirement for all projects with significant environmental impact under PD1586 or a proclamation establishing an Environmental Impact System in the Philippines. The ECC, which is issued by the DENR, is a document that gives guidelines and conditions to companies/project proponents in order to ensure compliance with environmental laws and standards. ††††

The BOIís participation in "Greening" involves:

  1. Integrating a portion of the ECC application process with that of existing BOI procedures, where applications for ECCs are assessed at the BOI before being sent to the EMB for final processing and review. This integration of procedures envisions a more efficient system in assessing projects which will eventually lead to lesser time needed to process applications and lesser application costs.
  2. Building the capability of BOI personnel by giving them environmental trainings and seminars, and involving them in conducting initial environmental examinations of projects. In turn, these personnel, especially those dealing directly with project proponents and investors, will be able to provide information regarding requirements needed when applying for an ECC, and to pre-assess projects at the BOI level.
  3. Restructuring of the BOI Environmental Unit to accommodate firms and proponents with queries concerning environmental compliance standards, information sources for environmental technologies, processes, funding, and networking with other organizations regarding environmental issues and concerns. ††††

"Greening the BOI Procedures" is envisioned to fulfill the countryís goal to achieve economic growth with proper environmental management. With the growing concern and cooperation between government agencies, the private sector, and the public community towards this goal, our country can look forward to a cleaner, more efficient, and more productive business climate.