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What's Inside?


Conducting In-House Environmental Review
15 to 16 March 2000 & 19 to 20 July 2000

Start right with your EMS, learn how to conduct your own Environmental Review. Know where your company stands in relation to the environment. Identify the legislative and regulatory requirement of your operations.

This training will provide particpants a working knowledge on:

  • What is an Initial Environmental Review (IER) and its importance towards implementing an EMS
  • How to establish the base for the development of an EMS
  • What are the environmental regulations that require compliance by your operation
  • What are the elements of an EMS
  • How to start an environmental action plan after the IER

An interactive training designed to provide a maximum learning to all participants.

For details contact the Philippine Business for the Environment
Telephone# (63-2)635-3670, or 635-2650 to 51;
Email: ctem@csi.com.ph

Environmental Finance and Cost Accounting Business Decision Tool in the Environmental Age
26-27 April 2000

In the growing government, market, and public pressure for business to manage its environmental impacts, the business manager today scrambles to get information about the company’s environmental performance. And for him or her the best environmental information may very well be the cost information. Can the company accountants and finance managers provide environmental cost information that is crucial to effective corporate decisions-making?

This course will teach you the basics of environmental accounting for business.

Module 1 will cover environmental basics, environmental costing and the role of finance and accounting in environmental management systems. It will also discuss issues of the environment and society and business interests.

Module 2 will focus on the tracking and assessment of environmental costs within a company as a tool for implementing Cleaner Production projects. It will illustrate the true costs of operating inefficiencies that create pollution and waste and the importance of tracking those costs. It will also provide tools that will enable the participants to overcome the potential limitations of cost data from the accounting records by suing proven environmental cost identification and estimation tols. A software package that is specifically modified for use in the Philippines will also help participants determine the true profitability of their company’s pollution prevention and cleaner production investments.

For details contact the Philippine Business for the Environment
Telephone# (63-2)635-3670, or 635-2650 to 51;
Email: ctem@csi.com.ph