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The Philippines' Portal on Industrial Ecology

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The Green List : Requirements from Other Govt Offices : Local Government Units

BPX Program
Eco-Industrial Parks
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(from the Municipality where the business will be located)

Business Permit

1. Application Form (Municipal Permit)

  1. Business Name
  2. SEC Certificate
  3. CDA Certificate (if proponent is a cooperative)

2. Municipal License

3. Clearances:

  1. LLDA Clearance
  2. Barangay Captain
  3. Health & Sanitary Permit
  4. Fire Department

Building Permit

  1. 6 sets of plan
  2. 5 sets of specification
  3. 5 sets of bill of materials
  4. 3 photocopies of land title/TCT or Tax Declaration/OHA
  5. Deed of Sale/Contract to Sell
  6. Barangay Clearance
  7. Developer's Clearance
  8. Home Owners' Clearance
The Green List

Business Registration Requirements

Requirements from Other Govt Agencies

Laguna Lake Development Authority Requirements

Environmental Clearance Certificate Requirements

List of Projects Covered by the EIS System

List of Projects Not Covered by the EIS System

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2000 Prime Project M2:IE